In Loving Memory

William (Bill) Schouweiler

June 26, 1957 - August 16, 2018

Donor, Minnesota

Bill was a fun-loving, free spirit. He had a beautiful son, Joe, and four grandchildren that he was very proud of. Bill and Joe loved to go to car shows, NASCAR races, work on cars and go boating. Bill also loved to restore bicycles-especially old English bikes. He was meticulous in his work and his bikes were beautiful. Bill was a dog person who had a basset hound that he treated like royalty. Bill had a great sense of humor and a kind heart. He was a fun brother and loved his Mom enormously.

Bill liked everybody and everybody liked Bill.

We are so proud of Bill for being a donor. It is comforting to know our loss is giving somebody a better life. He was able to donate his eyes, skin and connective tissue!

With love from the Schouweiler family.