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Creating a Tribute

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What do you need to create a tribute? This short video covers the basics.

Susan Gunderson

Words of Gratitude

I proudly wear my blue and green Donate Life lapel pin every day. And every day people who recognize it approach me to share their story. Thousands of stories about the joyful gift of transplantation. Thousands more stories of donation, the care their loved ones received as donors, and the care they received as donor family members.

Because of the impact these stories have, our team at LifeSource created the Gallery of Hope. It’s a place where people from our circle of donation and transplantation can share their stories of hope and healing.

Each story is deeply meaningful, and I’m grateful to everyone who made time to share their story or their loved one’s story. Through them we’re shining light on the legacy of donation and the hope of transplantation.

Donate Life. Two powerful words illustrated by the stories here. I hope you’re as inspired by them as I am.

CEO, LifeSource

Telling Your Story

Guidelines for Tribute Stories

Who can share a tribute story?

Family members and friends of organ, eye and tissue donors, living donors, transplant recipients and people awaiting transplants are all invited to share tribute stories. It’s best to have one tribute story per person, so we encourage you to work with family and friends to tell the story together.

What do I need to start?

First you’ll create an account. Then we’ll ask some basic questions about the kind of tribute you’re creating. You’ll upload a few photos. Then you’ll write the story. It’s all very easy, and you can save your story at any time and come back to finish later.

What should I share?

Every tribute story is personal and meaningful. It’s best if you tell yours from the heart. Please don’t share anything confidential. Please do ask a friend to proofread it. Remember, your tribute story honors the gift of life. It should be inspiring and positive.