Sharing the Gift of Life

About the Gallery of Hope

Dedicated to hope, healing and inspiration

LifeSource created the Gallery of Hope website and iPad app to share stories of saving lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. The stories come from the communities we serve: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and portions of western Wisconsin.

Anyone in our circle of donation and transplantation is invited to add a tribute story. This includes donor family members and friends, living donors, transplant recipients and people awaiting transplants.

Our goal with the Gallery of Hope is to honor the gifts of life provided by organ, eye and tissue donation and inspire other in our community to donate life.

Whether you are a donor family member, living donor, transplant recipient, recipient family member, transplant candidate or had a loved one die while waiting for a transplant, each story is a powerful testament to the gift of donation and the need for more people to register as donors.

Sharing these stories with the community creates the opportunity to change hearts and minds. Many people don’t think about organ and tissue donation until they know someone who has personally been affected.

Each story reveals the importance of organ and tissue donation. And each story inspires us to help create a community where everyone shares the gift of life. We are grateful to those who talk about their journey and how donation and transplantation has impacted their lives.