Tyler Karl Hough

October 25, 1970 - August 17, 2010

Donor, Minnesota

Tyler was a great son, brother, a loving husband, father and loyal friend. He loved sports; especially the Vikings.

What we remember the most: His sense of humor, his dedication and love as a dad, his antics, and his love of animals.

He had been a good gymnast and a great Black-Belt in Karate, which he received at 14. He was also a big tease. His mom was gullible.

When he was age 5 he took dancing. He never lived that down; although he was very good at entertaining in more ways than one. During his primary school days he was given an RX for his allergies and spent a recess sleeping on the playground parking lot. When he was sleeping, some kids took his new shoes and hid them to never be found. He also at that time, whenever company came over, he liked to tickle their feet. He also would go out to play tidy and clean and come back like he had been mud wrestling. The neighbors nicknamed him “Pig Pen.” He thought it was great. He was shy around strangers and large groups. In order to deal with it; he put himself in to character of someone else. Fortunately, he outgrew most of that.

When he was about 12, he was riding in the car with his siblings and a friend. They all were talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. A friend said…A doctor, his brother said a business man, his sister was unsure. Tyler spoke up very sure of himself and declared “I am going to be a Game Show Host.” His mom had to pull the car over because she was laughing so hard.

When he died, he was a tall lanky guy, with a wife, Kristin and a beautiful baby, Scarlett. He loved his sports, and was a great cook. Who would have thought he would go young and fast. He is missed by his family and his friends.

If I could tell anyone who benefited from Tyler’s donation it would be: Tyler would have been so proud to have helped you in any way he could.

Here is a prayer to him:

If roses Grow in heaven, Lord, please pick a bunch for me; place them in my son’s arms for me. Tell him that I love him. When he turns to smile, place a kiss upon his cheek and hold him for awhile; because remembering him is easy; I do it every day. There is an ache within my heart that will never go away. In loving memory…….Tyler, Your loved ones.

You are never gone. We all love you, Tyler.