Travis Karlin

Transplant Recipient, Minnesota

  • Kidney, April 11, 2010, Mayo Clinic

Having kidney disease and going through acute renal failure makes you look at life differently and changes your priorities in life. I’m extremely thankful for my gift of life and that I was able to find a living donor who would share one of her kidneys with me. I imagine what my life would have been like had I not received the gift. Having kidney disease robs you of life and makes it difficult to enjoy the time you do have. As I take anti-rejection twice a day, it makes me stop and appreciate my gift. I spend more time with friends and family now and I take time to love life, rather than focus solely on my work.

I am able to lead an active and normal life following transplantation. I expect to keep my kidney donation for the rest of my life.

Giving someone the gift of life can have a profound impact on the them and the world around them. I am excited that I am able to give back and feel that I need to earn my kidney each and every day by loving life and paying it forward.

With gratitude, Travis