Tim Kelly

Living Donor, Minnesota

  • Kidney, July 14, 2004, Mayo Clinic

Blessed to have Given

Carly has a great passion for life and has great attitude despite be born with a rare disease that at times has been a burden.

My daughter Carly was born on March 3, 1995 with a rare kidney & liver disease. (Polycystic Kidney & CHF) She was Immediately life Flighted after she was born and spent a month in Neonatal ICU before coming home. We were first notifited that Carly needed a Kidney transplant as some point in her life but were never given an exact time table as the progression of her kidney disease was not predictable.

When Carly turned 9 years old her Doctors began to talk to us about a transplant and asked us if we had some possible donors in our family. My wife and I both jumped at the chance to donate and I went through the screening process first and was a spot on match. I did not hesitate to be a donor and was really blessed that I was not only a Organ match but that was in good health in order to donate.

Carly has lived a fairly normal life post transplant and was even a Captain & All American Competitive Cheerleader in Highschool. As with any disease Carly has also endured several other issues such as a Splenctomy and other complications from her liver disease.

We are all blessed that Carly is able to FULLY participate in this years (Her second) Transplant Games.

Please consider being a donor as it is the best gift you can give.

Tim Kelly