In Loving Memory

Thomas Costello

May 21, 1997 - June 11, 2021

Donor, Minnesota

Tom was 24 and working in NYC as an investment banker. He was smart, had an unparalleled work ethic, had a great sense of humor and a big heart. He believed in giving back and helping those in need including volunteering for non profits as well as mentoring students who were trying to break into the banking industry. He was a great friend, colleague, son, and brother. He did everything at 150% and packed more life into his 24 years than most do in a life time. Tom was very upfront with his family and friends that if something were to happen to him, that he wanted to be a donor. We are grateful for those conversations, so that we were able to honor his last selfless act of giving back.

Tom was a life long learner, passionate about traveling the world, and loved spending time with family and friends .

We didn’t get our miracle of Tom surviving, but we were able to give many families their miracle of the gift of life. We find comfort in knowing that Tom was able to impact so many lives. His legacy will live on and he will always be a hero to so many people.

“There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they are gone, the light remains.”

Forever in our hearts- Dad, Mom, Ashley and Sarah