In Loving Memory

Stephanie Hauge

March 25, 1998 - December 12, 2020

Donor, Minnesota

Stephanie was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 19. After her first seizure, she tried about every combination of anticonvulsant but the side effects were evident. Steph would say she felt tired, had no energy and even “stoned”. Yet she persevered; had a job, a boyfriend and enjoyed her time watching Netflix, painting and chatting with her friends. On December 10, 2020, her mom found her on the bathroom floor, noted no pulse or breathing and began CPR until EMTs arrived. Due to the lack of oxygen, she was declared brain dead at the hospital. Doctors believed she had a seizure which was too much for her. She was 22. Stephanie was proud she was a donor on her ID (she never drove due to her epilepsy). It was something she and her mother talked about at length. Our family decided to honor her last wish of donation. While it was painful to see our girl on life support for two days and then taking a final walk to the operation room, we know that her loving, giving nature will be her legacy. She was a beautiful young woman who would do anything for anyone. She was spunky, loved to laugh, loved to tease her brother ruthlessly and always ready to have a cheeseburger. To those she gave to, we know it’s hard to put into words the many emotions of being given such a gift. We understand that it’s a difficult journey that you are on. While you hold a bit of Stephanie in you and this has been a comfort to our grief, we acknowledge the struggles being experienced. We think of Steph and of her recipients every day. Always.

Stephanie was fiercely loyal and loved deeply. We are all proud of the woman she became in her short life.

With love and respect, Shawn, LeiLani and Tucker Hauge and her family and friend