In honor of Serena Hope

Serena Hope Johnson

March 1, 2000 - March 13, 2023

Donor, Minnesota

Serena was a very loving and caring person. She was the most non judge mental person I’ve ever known. She was kind to everyone she came in contact with, and cared about others feelings. Serena loved art! She was extremely creative, she loved pottery, she loved to paint, draw, any creative outlet really! She was wonderful with children, as she always had a childlike wonder about her even as an adult. She was also gifted in music, her singing voice was like an angel, she taught herself to play the ukulele and guitar. Serena loved her family with her whole heart, she would’ve done anything for each one of us. She decided to be a donor on her own, I’m so proud of her for this. It just shows how caring her heart was. She left behind her little beagle named “Deer”. She loved that pup so much! She always said that her dog was her very best friend, and that Deer listened to her, understood her, accepted her and loved her unconditionally. She was such funny and a goofy girl! Always had a witty thing to say and made us laugh all the time! Her heart was tender, she had compassion for all the animals, primarily rescue animals everywhere. Serena loved God and asked Him into her heart as a young child, even as a young adult she new the power of prayer and asked me (mom) to pray for her during times she was in pain or struggling. She loved the ocean and mermaids, she said sitting by the ocean and listening to the waves calmed her spirit and was her favorite.

Serena's kind, compassion spirit and heart she had for others. She never wanted to hurt anyone even if they hurt her. So Loving.

OUR life was better because of you Serena Hope! We love you and miss you, MOM,