Make every minute count.

Pierre LeQue

February 3, 2004 - September 11, 2013

Donor, Wisconsin

Even though Pierre lived a short life of 9 Years, I find comfort knowing he was able to save others lives-including 2 children! Bittersweet as it is, I am very grateful to be able to experience being a mother even though his life was cut short by a terrible accident.

For being an only child, Pierre was self-less. As the saying goes "he would give his shirt off his back"...

Going through his passing has taught me so much and I try to set an example for others: Life is short. It can be shortened at any minute! Cherish every moment as well as your loved ones. And one other thing: DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF…’s not worth it and you will regret doing so!

Pierre was such a happy, loving, caring, and giving child! Donating Life is exactly what he would’ve wanted! Making the decision to donate his life was ultimately what kept me going in my time of grief and sorrow. I am hoping his story is an inspiration for others to be an organ donor themselves and/or family & friends.

I am anxiously awaiting responses from Pierre’s recipients. Especially the 2 year old that received Pierre’s heart! A heart of gold is what Pierre had! I am so excited to tell his reciepients about how amazing this little boy was but also see how their lives have changed since then. This is how my Pierre lives on!

You are a superhero in our hearts! I love you punkin-doos! Mama