In memory of my son

Nicholas Rocheford

March 18, 2012 - December 17, 2012

Donor, Minnesota

Nicholas was an amazing little boy that has taught me so much about life! Nicholas was born with a rare genetic muscular disease x-linked myotubular myopathy, that made it hard for him to move or even breath. He always had a smile on his little chubby cheek face. He was adorable and spent a lot of time in the hospital getting lots of attention for being a flirt from the nurses. He was strong and got to spend time at home where he just adored being a little brother. Nicholas was only with us for nine short months but taught us how fragile and important it is to spend life not worrying about the small stuff. He passed from choking we we’re able to get him back and then he was on life support. We were told the news that no parent should ever have to face. Nicholas was no longer the same happy, little guy we all knew. We donated his tissues, valves in hopes that another family would not lose the light of there life. On Mothers day two years after his passing we recieved news that another boy recieved a piece of Nicholas. As a mother that grieves for her son everyday I hope that family is doing well and that some of Nicholas’s spirit is with them.

Even with needles poking him he was always a happy boy and loved life!

With love the Rocheford Family missing Nicholas everyday!