Nehemiah Lived and Loved

Nehemiah Larimer

September 27, 1996 - March 28, 2015

Donor, South Dakota

Nehemiah lived and loved.

In his last days of his eighteen years, Nehemiah modeled the profound. He led. He checked the box.

He led a life of gratitude. He laughed, had the best smirk, and cheered up the air with funny quips and humor. He lived thoughtfully and with kindness. Nehemiah saw past societal lines and did not stop to resent or hold grudges. He strived and laughed and lived fully.

He led a life of choice. He adventured and climbed mountains. He taught and inspired those who would join him. From sleeping in the open air on hammocks high in treetops, blazing unknown wilderness trails, skateboarding down icy rails, lead climbing ledges, slacklining canyons and space, snowboarding with back-flipping finesse, Nehemiah chose the outdoors. Alongside adventures, his comrades joined him in the awe of life. As parents and siblings, we’ve been grateful for the many photo nuggets left behind on social media via FB, Instagram as wilson_seeds and other venues.

Nehemiah taught us a free spirit and a light heart. There is no need to bear burdens that are not meant to be carried. He would release the strain outside with a new angle to courage.

He also taught us a child’s version of faith. He chose to walk a life, not perfect, but with grace. He loved and forgave. He thought the best and had a heart for the unnoticed person. He believed in those around him and agreed that God would come through in the end.

Nehemiah, within his young years on earth, taught us to give of ourselves through simple acts of help and extensions of time. Now, in his passing, he reminds us we cannot take anything with us as we leave earth. And we all leave at some point. We can choose, however, to leave a legacy of love and kindness through actions while yet here.

In his last days of his eighteen years, Nehemiah modeled the profound. He checked the box. He gave life forward through organ donation and because of this, others live and sight has been gained. These individuals now, have more time to model actions for their earth legacy.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

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