She touched so many

Nancy Herrin-Johnson

November 7, 1956 - June 22, 2020

Donor, South Dakota

Mom was the best mother we could have ever asked for, and the best friend I ever had. She was a mother to 6, grandmother to 20 (21st was on the way and she had just found out the the sex) and 5 great-grandchildren. She also included friends in that which would add 3 grandchildren ;-). She ALWAYS made sure each of those littles felt her love on every holiday and birthday with little treat bags, mailed the goodies to her Mo and Tx babies for easter, Valentine’s and Halloween (Christmas had to be in person!). Her heart was so BIG she had to make sure that everyone had a piece of it. Her favorite hobbies included mind games including sudoku (which I could never understand although she tried to teach me), crosswords in the newspaper and SCRABBLE which she did pass on to her children. I am so incredibly honored to have been brought into this world by such an amazing soul and I only hope to be as loved by ALL as she was. It makes me so happy to know now that she has donated life to others and I cannot wait to hear about who she helps next.

Momma was the biggest Vikings fan throughout her 63yrs and never once gave up on them, she literally bled purple and gold!

Much love from her family and friends.