In Honor of Megan Kluzak

Megan Kluzak

November 18, 1996 - November 14, 2019

Donor, Minnesota

Megan had quite the journey in her 22 years on this Earth. God blessed our family and so many people around us with Megan. Megan was truly a gift from God. All the hospitalizations, tests, surgeries and everything Megan had to endure here on Earth made her a truly amazing lady in our eyes. Megan’s smile was so infectious and her laughs were very inspirational. Megan couldn’t verbally communicate with us, we knew inside what Megan always meant!!! Despite all of the challenges that Megan had in her life she was always with a smile.

"Your memory is a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure."

I (and I’m speaking to others in our families too) faced my worst fear having my daughter leave this Earth and go to Heaven before me.

She has been such a giver in he life, she has been a inspiration by being a eye donor.

You gave so much, Dad, Mom and Brother