Len Shafer

September 21, 1956 - May 12, 2008

Donor, North Dakota

When my father passed away in 1972 my brother became the man of the family, and he always made sure I was safe. Through life he gave what he could to make things right. On the way home the day the plug was pulled his son received a phone call, he thought it was a survey and said yes, yes and yes. It wasn’t until after we were waiting for my brother to arrive for burial that we learned he donated tissue. Learning this I researched and was contacted that my brother had a lot of tissue and it was used to extend the lives of several people young and old. What an honor, I was so proud and I still am and will always be proud of you brother.

He loved spending time with his family, he loved fishing, and hunting with his son as my dad did with him.

Your little sister.

Your bravery inspires us, The whole family.