In Loving Memory

Laura Truslow

September 14, 1962 - March 13, 2024

Donor, Minnesota

The world lost a giving, compassionate woman on March 13, 2024. Laura was a mom, grandma, and nurse that dedicated her life to others. She taught us the importance of family. She loved her children and grandchildren fiercely and more than anything in the world. She taught us the importance of kindness to all. She was an anti-bullying advocate before it was a thing people talked about, and she always helped the less fortunate when she was able. She taught us the importance of hard work. She always gave 100% at anything she did, and during her younger years, she often worked multiple jobs to give us everything we wanted. Lastly she taught us toughness. She went through a lot in her life, and she always persisted through any challenge.

She was put on this earth to be a caregiver & fulfilled that role diligently as a mom, daughter, grandma, nurse, and finally an organ donor.

Love you always and forever, Your kids and our beautiful babies