A Life Well Lived

Kenneth Moser

August 23, 1949 - September 24, 2013

Donor, North Dakota

Our dad Kenneth James Moser taught us no matter where we are in life or where we come from or what we are going through every individual life matters. He lived that everyday by working with the mentally ill at the Myrt Armstrong Recovery Center in Fargo ND. He dedicated is life to ending the stigma thqt comes along with people who have a mental or physical disabalities. Due to life of experiences, he felt the need to help those in need who have a mental or physical disabilites, whether they’re family, friends or just in need of finding help so they can live a full happy life. Even in the end he still wanted to a make a difference so he donated his organs and tissue to those who needed them, in order to get back to a full and happy life. One of his proudest moments were when his son and daughter were born. He also loved being a father who lived by the motto Live, Laugh, Love.

He dedicated his life to helping others and making sure his kids were happy and healthy...

Your Beloved Children Hope and Josh