Kathy Schwab and Mollie Luhman

Living Donor, Minnesota

Kathy Schwab and Mollie Luhman have much in common. They have both spent much of their careers working in the Mayo Clinic Transplant Center, putting the needs of patients and families first and serving patients and colleagues with endless dedication and expertise. They are leaders in their families and communities, and they both bring joy and energy everywhere they go.

Thank you, Kathy and Mollie, for giving the gift of life…and for giving inspiration to all of us!

Kathy and Mollie now share an additional commonality. They have both donated a kidney – Kathy to her sister, and Mollie to a friend.

Kathy: My recipient is my sister Ellen. As one of seven siblings when we found out Ellen needed a kidney transplant, we all wanted to help. Ellen is my oldest sister who took me under her wing as we were growing up, making sure I was ready for school and had just the right outfit to wear to dances. She made sure I had the opportunity to visit and apply to several colleges and told me I could be anything I wanted to be. She had a long career as a speech therapist and second grade teacher, mother of two fantastic children and friend to many with special needs.

Mollie: He had a young family to think about, and it was almost as if he was married to the dialysis machine. If I could help, I would, and his relationship with the dialysis machine would end as quickly as possible.

Thank you both for giving the gift of life…and for giving inspiration to all of us!