In Loving Memory

Joseph Burth

October 1, 1985 - October 1, 2015

Donor, Minnesota

Joe was born the biggest baby they had seen at United Hospital. He was 11 pounds and 23 1/2 inches long. He was loud and full of life and that is how he lived his 30 years on earth. Joe is the second born and our oldest son. He was skilled in so many things but he loved being a mechanic. He loved cars, trucks whatever had a motor he would take it apart and put it back together even better. He loved the water and had bought his first pontoon just weeks before his life ended. He loved his wife, Danielle and daughter, Emily Rose and son, Vincent “Vinny” Anthony. He loved his whole family and had a heart of gold. As a child Joe would ask so many questions and want to know everything. He never stopped talking. He was such a busy child always taking things apart to see how they worked.

Joe loved being a dad and a husband. He talked about his children all the time and they loved to be around him.

I know that Joe would be so proud to know that he had been able to give a gift such as this. I can see his face and eyes light up to know that something wonderful has come of his death and he still lives on.

Joe taught me patience. Having him in my life made me a better human being and I am thankful that I was chosen to be his mother. I want the recipients to know that joe lived his life to the fullest each and everyday and he expected that of all of us.

Always in our hearts, we miss you
love your family