In Loving Memory

Jose A. Gutierrez III

December 30, 1995 - August 27, 2022

Donor, Other

To a great father, loving husband, wonderful son, and loyal friend. All of those things you were to the people who surrounded you everyone knew they had someone to count on. To me your wife, you were the best thing that has ever happened in my life aside from the three beautiful children you gave me. Even though we married young you always try your very best to give us everything you could and for that I will always grateful.

He loved going fishing and hunting with his family and he always had a beautiful smile that would brighten a room.

The best thing I loved about you was how everyone was always happy to be around you and how you will always make jokes about anything that’s how you were. I loved seeing you have fun with your guns and how you could convince your friends to purchase one as well. The fact that you actually made them purchase one and were so excited about that telling them “I told you, you got a good deal for that”. Our kids keep you in their memories and in their hearts always remembering their father who taught them to fish and hunt and tickled their little toes. Your princess remembers her daddy for always giving her kisses.

For now All I have left is my three beautiful kids and so so many memories in my heart. Life will go on and we will always remember you for that beautiful smile you always had. You were a brave man that I have no doubt about until your very last day. To the woman who receive your gifts I asked that you please live every day to the fullest as he would have done if he had the chance to do so.

I will love you forever, your wife Imelda.