In honor and memory of:

John Peter Caouette

January 17, 1964 - October 12, 2010

Donor, Minnesota

John was 46 and in great shape. Loved distance and trail running. Lived in Alaska and especially enjoy the mountains and trails of his adopted state. His daughter Rosie was 8 and son Alder was 2 when John died. They were on vacation, visiting family, and he went for a run. He fell from a height during his run and died before the medics arrived. The decision to donate his tissue and organs was easy, though his wife, Becca, asked a lot of questions when LifeSource contacted her to be sure she understood the process. John was unfailingly generous to all he met. He was deeply loving and attentive to others. The first to notice when one of the children needed attention, the first to help a friend or neighbor in need. He also loved to help others have fun, and was always instigating snowball fights or pick-up hockey games on frozen lakes. He juggled (his best trick was eating an apple while juggling), played guitar, hiked, ran, skied, skated. Most of all he loved. He loved life, he loved nature, he loved people.

He loved playing hockey and was more at home on the ice than anywhere else.

John worked as a statistician, studying the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. He took a lot of time off when his kids were born. He wanted to be and was a co-equal partner in parenting. We miss him deeply but are striving to live in his spirit. We have received a lot of love and support from our family, friends and neighbors.

It is helpful to us to know that some piece of John helped others live a better life. He gave the gift of sight to two people and as many as 36 people have benefitted from his tissue donation. The recipients, ranging in age from 13 – 73 years old, in the following states: Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Texas, New York, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Oregon, Florida, Pennsylvania and Washington state.

I miss him terribly, I’d give anything to have him back but his gift to me is LifeSource.

Lived, Laughed and Love
"Peace, Love and Gratitude"
Mary Caouette Gorzycki