My donor and his family..

John Fahey

Transplant Recipient, Other

  • Liver, November 21, 2015,

Eight years ago this past November 21st, 2022, I was waking up after a 6 hour transplant surgery with multiple tubes still attached. I looked at my wife, Kathy, along with my sister, also Kathy, and asked, “did I get it?”

I've always been a registered organ donor, but I never dreamed that I would be on the receiving end.

It had been a little over 6 hours since the doctor said, “if the cancer has spread, we’re going to close you back up and you won’t get the transplant.” I knew I’d probably look the same either way.

Both replied, “yes, Jack, you did!”

Tears immediately began streaming down my face with unfathomable gratitude as I thought about the 40 year old man who had passed a little over 6 hours earlier and his grieving family who had to say goodbye to their loved one, one last time.

Even now, 8 years later, I wake-up almost the same way, thinking about this selfless young man and his family. Not all of the the time, but often, tears roll down my cheeks, because I, too, grieve for this young selfless soul who made a choice to be an organ donor. Today will always be a day filled with gratitude for his selflessness.

I’ve always been an organ donor but I never dreamed that I would be on the receiving end. If being an organ donor is something you haven’t considered, I pray you will reconsider knowing your single donation can save up to 8 lives.

John P Fahey
Naples, Florida