Always Grateful

Joe Callan

Transplant Recipient, Minnesota

  • Heart, January 30, 2014, Abbott Northwestern Hospital

I waited four months in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for the right heart. While there, i decided to make the most of my time by considering my stay as a Sabbatical. i learned to Knit, took a Painting lesson and tried to re-learn my High School French.

I made an effort to get to know my caregivers and the hospital staff. I learned a few words in Tibetan as there were many staff from Tibet and/or India. Their eyes would light up when i greeted them in Tibetan.

My days were filled to the brim with tests to take, physical therapy, exercise and other things to do. Evenings were spent watching Movies or TV series. Usually I went to bed exhausted and slept like a baby.

Thank you to my Donor, my Donor Family and all the people involved in Transplant