Appreciative & Grateful

Joanie Videen

Transplant Recipient, Minnesota

  • Pancreas, July 24, 2010, University of Minnesota Health Transplant Services

I was on the transplant registry for 6 months. At that time, cell phone service was limited, so my events were limited too. We were up north of Duluth one day, and I noticed that I did not have any cell phone service. We quickly left our group and returned to Duluth in order to have adequate cell phone service for a possible call.

Most important is for readers to appreciate the impact of being a registered donor. They are saving and improving so many lives!

When my transplant surgeon, Dr. Ty Dunn, called me at 10:30pm on 7/22/10, I knew what the call was about. I also KNEW what had happened to a donor somewhere. I felt such sadness for the family who had just lost someone. At the same time I felt such gratitude for that donor family to honor the wishes of their loved one.

Since the transplant of my donor pancreas, I have a totally new life! I sleep all night (something I haven’t done for 10 years) and participate in activities until completed. I only check my glucose once a day, instead of 11 times/day.

During the process of getting a transplant. I now have a 2nd chance at life. I know that EVERY day is a gift! Thanks to the gift of life my donor gave me!!!!

Thank you for your sincerely appreciated gift, Joanie