In honor of

Jeffery “Stamnes” McClintock

July 22, 1973 - April 15, 2016

Donor, Minnesota

I only had the pleasure of knowing and loving Jeff for a short time.

He was a very caring individual, and I know he'd be happy to know how he saved others' lives.

I first met Jeff on May 8, 2015, thru his son and my daughter,i wasn’t sure if he was my type of guy. Once i started to talk to him and getting to know him, i instantly felt a connection to him as he did me. We got married on Aug 20 2015, he was younger than me and he was worried that i may pass before him and how devastated he’d be.. We were always going out and having a good time. We walked around lakes, went to the malls,florida 2 times, concerts, plays, you name it we did it. Jeff was a caring and loving guy, he gave me meaningful cards, and always added to them, and would unexpectedly bring me 💐. He was from E.St Paul and it seemed like he knew everybody wherever we went. He was a personable guy, loved to talk and had many friends. He was always trying to give good advice to his son and daughter and lead them on a good path in life, as well as, his step daughters who he considered his own,too.

Some days i’d look at him like, Are you for real? He once told me he was a “young man with an old soul” Unfortunately, our lives together were cut short when he got into a motorcycle accident on Apr.14th 2016. Now i’d be the one left devastated, but in my heart,im also glad to know how he’s been able to. help others, and that he chose to be a donor. Im also a donor, and i’m happy to of been able to see how this program works and how we can look forward to. Expressing the importance of being a donor to others.

With Love, Cheryl McClintock; step-daughters, Tina and Steph Silva; and sister-in-law, Rose