In Honor Of Jayden

Jayden Lackey

October 19, 2022 - March 21, 2023

Donor, Other

From the second we knew my daughter Cali, age 19 was pregnant with Jayden there was tremendous excitement. Cali always wanted to be a young mother. Her and her fiance Toby were planning their wedding and learning how to be new parents. Jayden was finally born in October of 2022. I took pride watching Cali grow as a mom. My youngest daughter Casi was finally an aunt. Casi and Jayden were instant best friends. I was finally a grandmother. I was over the moon in love with him. Life was so wonderful.

The name Jayden means "thankful". I am so very thankful that I got to love him!

Jayden was five months old when he and his mom and dad went to be with the Lord. The pain is horrific being without them, but knowing he was able to give three others a chance at a better life gives me peace. I pray for the babies and the families that Jayden helped. I hope that it gives a grandmother more time with their grandchild, a sister, a great relationship with her nephew or niece. I hope that their mother and father glow with pride as their baby grows and becomes a wonderful, beautiful, healthy adult with children of their own. I hope some day my family gets to hear their story.

I know Cali and Jayden are together, singing and dancing just like they always did. It makes me happy knowing that my little buddy is honored and loved by others, as I love him.

With love, Ginger Minor