She Touched So Many

Jan Wendland

July 17, 1943 - September 16, 1999

Donor, Minnesota

Meet my mom, Jan Wendland. Mom was taken too soon from us. Mom was only 56 years old and after her death, we found out from the doctor that she lived 7 years longer than they thought. At the time of her passing, she was grandma to one, Sarah. Sarah and grandma were inseparable and loved spending time together. Mom had heart issues and had a defibrillator. For whatever reason, it did not work. Mom was in a coma for a couple days. When LifeSource came to the hospital to ask us about donation it was an easy decision for the family. My 2 brothers, my dad and I said yes to donation instantly. Mom was all about giving during life that we wanted that to continue in her death. She left a legacy of giving. We found out that mom donated eyes and tissue. We don’t know the impact of her donations but we are sure that it greatly helped those that received. For my daughter Sarah (age 9 at the time) it was a comfort knowing that part of grandma was going to continue living for a long time. Since that time Sarah and I have worked a couple different State Fairs with LifeSource. We also talk to everyone we know about being an organ/tissue donor. Mom left a legacy. It is a legacy we want to continue. We all miss her every day but find comfort in knowing that she was able to help others. She would like that very much.

Mom was all about giving to help others.

With love from her daughter, Connie Francis