In Loving Memory

Gannon Hejlik

May 10, 2002 - July 19, 2016

Donor, Minnesota

If you were fortunate enough to have had Gannon in your life, you were a better person for that. He was just one of those people who could fit in anywhere…he was a bit of an old soul you could say. Gannon loved little kids, the elderly, and animals!!! ALL of the animals!!! 🙂 He loved volunteering at the Humane Society and even convinced Mom to let him adopt one of his favorite cats from there, a Maine Coon mix named Leo.

Gannon was a 'helper'...and in his passing, he was able to help many, many people with his selfless gift of organ donation. He lives on!!

Some other things Gannon loved and lived for was his family…Mom, Dad & bonus Mom, big brother, and little sister. He loved time spent with family and friends, especially at his two favorite lake homes…he was the official campfire starter and king of smores!! Gannon also loved to fish, swim, ride 4-wheeler, snowmobile and jet ski, and his absolute favorite thing of all was riding his bike, which is how we lost him. He was riding to a friend’s house and was hit by a pick-up while in a crosswalk. Gannon was living his best life that day…but really, Gannon lived his best life every day. If there is one thing that Gannon taught us, and that we learned from this tragedy…is to enjoy every single day, every single moment…because we never know what day could be our last.

The world lost an amazing human that day…but he lives on in others in the form of organ, eye (cornea), and tissue donation, and that brings us great comfort. His kind, giving, caring, compassionate ways continued even in death, and we could not be more proud of him.

With love from Gannon’s family
Taryn & Rick
Paul & Ashley
Aron & Aliya