With Fond Memories

Erin Durham

May 1, 1982 - May 28, 2016

Donor, Minnesota

Erin was a mother of two, Kayla, 13 and Lamar, 10. Her world revolved around them. She often went without the basics in order for the kids not to.

Kayla…..” Mom like to hang out with me and Lamar take us to do fun things. She liked to watch movies with us. She like to hang out with friends. ”

She overcame obstacles growing up most of us would not dream of. Night school enabled her to find employment and things were looking up.

Erin was a great cook, her fried chicken was second to none, including KFC. She liked going to ocean beaches and looked forward to more visits.

I do not know much about her. For no good reasons, Erin and I were estranged from age 3 until she came of age at 18. Getting back together was a long, slow process and progress was being made. I feel thankful we managed to get as close as we did. She was indecisive about future plans, she thought about leaving Minnesota and yet did not want to break the bonds of friendship she had with a few special people in her life.

Everyone who knew her was/is devastated with her passing. We are all pleased her dying was not in vain, having donated her harvestable organs and tissue that others may live and enjoy the fruits of life.

To be continued.....