In Loving Memory -

Elizabeth Skogstad

August 13, 1988 - January 20, 2017

Donor, North Dakota

She was a feisty girl always pushing the limits of the “rules” She lived up to her Astrological sign of “Leo” – was a Lion at heart. We called her and her older sister (also a Leo) the “Spitten’ Kittens”. She really wanted to learn to read and told me entering First grade that when she learned to read – she would read to me as I had always read to them at bedtime and snow days etc. She enjoyed movies, books, the arts, but particularly MUSIC. She got to go to International Music Camp every year she was eligible – going to Disney World with the Minot High School Band and Choir the Spring of 2005 – went on a European Tour with the Northern Ambassadors of Music the Summer of 2005 and the Winter of 2005 sang with the Minot City Choir in the performance of “Handel’s Messiah”.

She did more "Living" before she was 21 going to Music Festival at Disney World for Band and Choir and a European Tour the Summer of 2005

And she did – She read most of the Harry Potter books – some several times. She continued to read as an adult and had helped start a “Book Club” at the Harmony Center in Minot. She enjoyed life – even simple things and liked from Fall (the leaves rustling) to the holidays – Halloween – Thanksgiving – Christmas – New Years. The visiting being with immediate family- the baking – sharing and eating..

She struggled with depression and other mental health issues as she got older – some due to a childhood incident beyond her control. The medications were challenging and had caused seizures so she was never able to drive – or get a driver’s license. She was learning to manage and had moved to her own apartment. was for the most part content.

She had the most beautiful dark brown eyes, and when I had commented on that once when she was about 5 or 6 – she said “Mom, it’s because I eat CHOCOLATE.” (Like I should have known.)

She had changed from the rambunctious, feisty girl to a more subdued, quiet, caring soul.

Elizabeth - Love You to the Moon and Back - your family -