Living In The Fast Lane

Dustin Heydt

March 10, 1990 - March 2, 2007

Donor, Minnesota

Growing up, my brother Dustin and I were inseparable. We were part of a very small family. Neither of our fathers were around for our childhood, and we were OK with that. We had a beautiful, strong, independent mother who showed love to the end of the universe. Grandma and grandpa were our rock. They stuck by our side through thick and thin and never gave up on us. Grandpa naturally became the father figure in our lives. Whatever we needed/wanted, grandpa always made sure we had. Life was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to be born into. I never had to worry about having a roof over my head or food on the table. I remember being happy almost all the time.

Up until the day of his accident, he lived everyday like it was his last. Death doesn't have an age limit so don't take life too serious

I never knew pain until Dustin was taken from me. Part of me died the day we took him to his final resting place. The part of me I so desperately want back. Ten years later, I’m still lost. Numb. I try to look on the bright side, but some days I find difficulty in that. I remember one Xmas, we were opening gifts. My mom checks her mailbox everyday, however she decided not to Xmas eve. As we all were opening presents Xmas morning, my mom goes to check the mail. As she came inside I remember her saying “I knew there was a reason I didn’t check the mail yesterday.” Here she is holding a large envelope from life source. She thought of it as a present. As she starts reading it to herself, the tears stream down her face. She hands it to my grandma, who tears up as well. When it’s handed to me I realize it is a letter from an organ recipient. In the letter I read that a family in Illinois received part of Dustin’s liver. The recipient? A beautiful little 2 year old baby boy named joel:) included with the letter, there were 2 pictures of Joel. One of the pictures was of him with so many cords and wires helping him stay alive.I remember thinking “no child (or parent) should EVER have to go through that!” Even in the “hospital” picture, to me, this baby boy is perfect. I find comfort knowing a child received part of Dustin. I have not heard from the family since, but I hope this boys body didn’t reject the organ. I pray everything worked and still is working. I would love to meet this strong family my brother helped. Maybe one day…

I Will Love You Always,

Your *LiL SiS*,
~ Kayla Heydt