In honor of my Husband

Donald Hegman

October 8, 1952 - February 1, 2009

Donor, Minnesota

Donald was born in Oakland, California and lived in California all his life. Donald and I (Kim Hegman) met in Oakland when I was around 9 and he was 11. He was my brother’s best friend. We were married in 1975 and had two sons. When Donald had his stroke in January 2009 my son’s and I made the decision to donate his organs. Donald’s father Dennis was the one that told us that Donald’s second cousin, Sue Skedsvold, in Minnesota was in need of a liver transplant. Thus started a journey of life renewed and a lifelong friendship between Sue and I. We have since stayed in touch, visiting each other several times over the years, gone on vacation together and participated in 2 Transplant Games, Houston and Cleveland. We look forward to many more adventures.

He loved his family first and foremost. He played guitar, golf and loved tinkering

Donald was a contradiction, his was all about logic and facts, but his persona was all about love and emotion. He was politically astute, always thinking about the way the world was heading. He was an avid reader about the “State of the Union” But, he loved to sit back and watch the “Comedy Channel “and “South Park”. His all time favorite was holding granddaughter Ashlyn in his recliner, watching “Sponge Bob”. He had “Nemo” and the “Bee Movie” memorized. He always said the best part of life were the hugs and kisses he received and gave back in-kind to Ashlyn. Donald was our geriatric/pediatric expert and caregiver. He was always one to help and he was always right about everything. He was a dirty old man and a crotchety old man; He was the love of our lives.

All our love to the Moon and Back…Kim, Cory and Kelly