Saving Lives

Connor Lee Glynn

December 24, 1996 - April 14, 2016

Donor, Minnesota

My name is Michelle Lee and I am Connor’s Mom. Thank you for taking the time to read Connor’s story.

Connor touched SO many hearts in his 19 years. Organ donation brought HOPE through the sadness surrounding his tragedy.

Connor was my ‘daring child’ from a very young age. Attempting crazy trips down steep hills in wagons or on a bike, after he had only just learned to ride without training wheels. He spent every moment he could outdoors playing football, baseball, snowboarding, shooting hoops, or just hanging out with friends and family. Connor loved his two brothers dearly and was a gentle soul who lit up the room with his contagious smile. He was diligent with his studies through high school, was a natural athlete, and loved being part of the football team more than anything. He lived life simply and fearlessly.

Connor was 19 years old, in his first year of college, when I received a tragic phone call. He was found unconscious in his dorm room from an accidental heroin overdose. He had apparently only used the drug a few times; I was never aware of it. After being on life support for two days we learned more of Connor’s condition and needed to decide whether to continue Connor on life support. I still remember the look on his doctor’s face when I said, “something good needs to come out of this, what about organ donation, can we donate his organs?” The doctor’s face lit up with the biggest smile and he said, “I am so glad you asked that question”. Through Connor’s selfless act of choosing to be an organ donor on his driver’s license we were able to donate his organs. The next two days were filled with tears and sadness, but now we had this glimpse of HOPE. Out of the tragedy of losing a son, lives could be saved, and eye-sight could be given. Individuals who had only hoped and prayed would now get the phone call they always wanted. Connor’s death would give others a chance at a new healthier life.

Since Connor’s passing we have heard from many of his friends who have described Connor as being the one who was always there to support them and keep the ‘team together’ through struggles or difficult times. Whether it was with his jokes, stories, ear-to-ear grin, or the music he would play, that brought everyone a smile or chuckle. Connor loved music of all kinds and the louder he was able to play it (especially in the shower) the happier he was. Countless family members and friends who have gone to the DMV to renew their license have checked the box to become an organ donor because of his story. Connor lives on through a legacy of giving and kindness that continues to touch so many hearts.

The pain of losing Connor will always be with us. LifeSource has eased this pain and has been the light through the darkness, and I am truly grateful to have met such caring individuals.

Connor is missed each and EVERY day ~ but he has left a handprint on all our hearts that will be with us FOREVER.

Forever in our hearts...We will LOVE you ALWAYS, Mom, Dad and your entire FAMILY