In Loving Memory

Christopher Dennis ED Johnson

March 15, 1987 - July 21, 2019

Donor, Other

Chris was our third child the boy we wanted from the beginning. He had special needs with his ADHD which was known from age 3. We made sure he had time to learn and make friends with others. Often we were at our witts end but still believed in our son. We sought out the the best care and help that was available. We endured the hurtles before us and Chris recieved his high school certificate. HE traveled with his parents and then decided he wanted some independence and moved to an apartment he ended up creating homes for his friends with him. He was able to work at the livestock market in herding cattle to pens. He continued his independence and moved to a trailer home near his parents. Again here he made a home for some of his friends. He enjoyed working at Shurco, Rent A Center, Balwins and Hydro. He had a friend that was his foreman and knew how to train Chris and yet be his friend at the end of the day. Chris had budgeted a newer truck with his Mom and told people things were “looking up” for him finally. He enjoyed fishing with friends and his Dad, driving down old dirt roads and mudding with his buddies. He loved his pets and how they loved him too! Family was important to him and he loved it when they got together. Chris taught me patience as I had to deal with his struggles in life. He knew I could depend on him as well as he knew I was there always for him. At his funeral I was never so proud of Chris for all the lives he touched while living and knowing through the tissue donor system the lives he still could touch.

Chris loved animals fishing and everyone was a friend to him. He would give the shirt off his back and wanted to share his family with them.

I Thank God for allowing Chris to share his life with us to teach us what unconditional love was.