Grateful Every Day

Chip Parks

Transplant Recipient, Minnesota

  • Kidney, October 21, 2003, Mayo Clinic

In 2002, I was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a scarring of the parts of the kidney that filter waste. Initially the symptoms weren’t too bad, with some fatigue and constantly feeling cold. After failed attempts to treat the condition, I was evaluated at Mayo and put on the transplant list. Several of my family members volunteered to be tested and my oldest sister turned out to be a match. My oldest sister proved to be a match and the transplant was scheduled for October 2003. In my pre-operative physical, my kidney function (which had been declining in steps) had dropped to the point that had I not been going in for the transplant, I would likely have been headed for dialysis. The transplant went well and both my sister and I are doing well after almost 15 years. Every day I am thankful for the tremendous gift my sister has given to me. I have competed in three transplant games over the years and am inspired by the stories every time I attend.

With undying thanks, Chip