In Service to Gratitude

Catherine Cruz

Transplant Recipient, Minnesota

  • Liver, June 8, 1991,

I was diagnosed with biliary atresia at less then a year old and spent the first almost decade of my childhood very sick. I was to young to really understand how close to death I was but I saw the fear and pain that my family lived with waiting and hoping. I received the gift of life on June 8th 1991 and that day is forever etched in my memory. I remember the flight to the hospital. I remember the relief and fear that swept over my mother. I remember waking up to the beeping of machines; trying to sit up in my hospital bed and the pain that accompanied that attempt. The days after my transplant were painful and scary,but the nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff did everything they could to ease the recovery process. After some years of adjusting and a few rejection scares I was able to begin living a fully active life.

I dedicate my life in Honor of My donor

I have learned to appreciate each step of this journey even the ones that just plain sucked. I am 36 years old now and live a active and blessed life teaching yoga in Clarksdale MS; where I strive to inspire others to tap into their potential. My existence is the product of many peoples efforts and faith. Thank You !

It’s been over 25 years and I look forward to another 25 or more years of life. To my donor who I never met thank you! I live my life with gratitude for the gift. A gift I can never repay, but hope to spend the rest of my time on this earth honoring.

Peace and Love, Catherine Cruz