Always in our Hearts

Bryan Haugen

January 15, 1966 - June 22, 2023

Donor, North Dakota

Bryan was a son and brother, the youngest of three boys. Bryan was a son-in-law. Bryan was a faithful and loving husband of 32 years. Bryan was a dad to two strong and independent children, Melanie and Joshua. Bryan was a father-in-law to Dan and Ashley. Bryan was a grandpa to three-year-old Amelia and one year old twins Sophie and Brianna. Bryan was also a grandpa to four granddogs, Roo, Maggie, Crunch and Grizz.

Bryan was a recipient of a liver/kidney transplant, and would have been happy he was able to donate back.

Bryan was a high school teacher who always saw the good in each and every student. Bryan was a coach, both in sports and in life. Gymnastics, football, volleyball, track, basketball, golf, baseball . . . he loved to coach. Bryan was active in his community, challenging others to step up and make things happen. He was a huge advocate of making the choice to be a donor.

Bryan was proudly sober for over three years. He received the gift of a liver and kidney due to cirrhosis during the height of covid. He fought hard to regain his strength and return home and he won that battle.

In June 2023, Bryan’s big heart gave out and he left a grieving family, friends and community behind. Little did he know that he could still be a donor. He would have been so proud and honored to be able to give back to others, the same way others gave to him, providing him three extra years with his family.

We are so incredibly proud of the man Bryan was and the example he set for us in our lives.

Love you more, Lavonne