In Loving Memory

Brent Malard

December 19, 1969 - May 6, 2011

Donor, North Dakota

Who could forget someone so special who was so full of life. Brent will always be in our hearts. Many people called him their best friend. He was a giving person and was very dependable and helped wherever he was needed. He brought many happy days to our lives and we feel we are better people because of him.

He brought many happy days to our lives and we feel we are better people because of him.

Brent loved sports of all kinds. He played baseball, (pitcher and catcher) basketball, football, soccer, racquetball, swimming, and coached Little League baseball. He enjoyed camping and going to Tonya’s children’s games and activities. He liked watching games and teaching others a little about the games.

Brent enjoyed working on the computer, looking up information..and teaching us how to use it.

We spent many family vacations and trips, together. Some favorites were to Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Alaska, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and going to his many ball games when he played Legion Baseball.

Brent was active in Sunday school, church, youth group, scouts and many school activities.

His fellow employees and venders at Leevers and Hugos meant a lot to him and they were like a big family there.

How we draw upon our memories of you, Brent. Some are happy and some are sad. You are never very far away from us. We have loved you in our hearts and will love you forever. We are grateful for having you in our lives for a little while. There is always a space in our hearts that is always yours.

You gave so many, many new life with your gifts of yourself. We have heard from a few who have received

your gifts with THANKS!

Love from your parents, and family, Carol and Virgil Malard, Brian, Bruce and Andrea, and Jennifer and Matt.

Love from your parents and family