In Loving Memory

Brandon Thomsen

April 8, 2003 - June 19, 2019

Donor, North Dakota

Brandon was a vibrant 16 year old that loved his family and friends and had a zest for life that was uncanny. He touched people wherever he went with positivity and kindness. Brandon wanted to work with people with disabilities when he graduated. He would have been a junior in high school in a few months. He had a special gift that made him a “kid magnet”, children loved him and were drawn to him. He was amazing with children and his heart drew him to those less fortunate and those with special needs. Brandon was a very patient and empathetic young man. He loved deer hunting with his grandfather and cousin. He loved movie nights with his dad and step-mom, hanging out with his 14 year old brother playing video games or arguing about anything they could think of in a playful way. Brandon loved going to the park, talking and listening to music with his 14 year old sister Riley. His dad Travis and Brandon spent endless hours talking, working on cars, doing woodworking projects, building, and going to concerts and the two of them had a father-son bond that could never be broken. Brandon had an adventurous spirit, a commonality I (his step-mom) had with him. We loved to travel and explore everywhere we went, hiking, snorkeling & diving and going just a little bit further down a path were what enjoyed together. Family dinners together were always important to Brandon, he loved everyone together laughing, joking, and loving each other over a homecooked meal. Each day with Brandon was a blessing that can never be replaced. His uniqueness, kindness and sense of humor have touched each of us and forever made us grateful. When we were given the news that Brandon would not be recovering from the injuries to his brain we knew without a doubt Brandon would want to do everything he could for others by donating his organs. His heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas with his bones were donated at Mayo Hospital in Rochester, MN on June 21, 2019. We were notified by LifeSource that 4 people would be receiving the gift of Brandon’s organs. Many others over the next 5 years will benefit from the donation of Brandon’s bones. The thought of Brandon’s heart beating still, after he is gone is comforting. The thoughts of a 10 year old girl being able to do all the things Brandon can no longer do…that is exactly what Brandon would want and the perfect exhibit of Brandon. The nurses at Mayo had nicknamed Brandon Branman because Brandon also loved Batman. He was and is truly a Superhero.

Brandon was a very generous young man, always looking out for others and helping those with needs greater than his own.

To Brandon: We are so grateful for having been blessed with you for as long as you were with us. Your presence brightened the room, your smile was contagious, your sense of humor was a blessing in itself and your kindness was priceless. Your enthusiasm for life and your love for your family and friends was uplifting to everyone around you. Your gift of life to others is exactly what you would have wanted and we are so proud of you for all your accomplishments. You touched so many lives when you were with us and now so many more with your generosity and loving spirit. You are thought about and missed every minute of every day. May your priceless attributes live on through us and the lives you’ve changed forever. You will forever be our Superhero Branman.

Forever in our hearts,
Dad and Aaron