A second birthday.

Billy Cramer

Transplant Recipient, Minnesota

  • Kidney, Liver, April 3, 2020, Mayo Clinic

I want to thank my donor for saving my life. I have three children and I keep thinking that you saved their childhoods, too. And my wife is so grateful. I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that kind of crystalizes your body (primary hyperoxaluria). Once it got to my kidneys it destroyed them quickly and I had to begin dialysis. This disorder is one where liver transplant is an actual cure, as it means the crystals stop being produced. The thought of how one human can give all of this to another is overwhelming, and I will never stop thinking of the responsibility I now have to my donor’s memory and humanity. It’s the most beautiful thing I can imagine, and we are thinking about the family endlessly.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for every breath and every moment you have given me.

With all of our love, Billy and family