A Life Well Lived

Benjamin Neel

October 6, 1982 - January 8, 2020

Donor, Minnesota

My husband had a gift, a servants heart till the very end. He had a love so deep for his faith,family friends.. We lost a piece of him when he passed, but he lives on as a hero to many.

Ben made the world a better place just by being in it. He had a light, a gift a servants heart! Well done my love well done.

Ben was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Oct of 2019. After collapsing on a hunting trip in South Dakota. My life our life stopped everything changed how much time was I going to have left with my husband? we have a young family! He is only 37!! So many questions no real answers. We received the best care from the beginning. We were told of the seriousness of the tumor the location the intense surgery he would have. but we weren’t worried we had the best surgeon at one of the best hospitals we had hope..

My life changed on December 11 2019 Ben had surgery, he suffered some complications a stroke a massive stroke.. the precious moments I had with him I learned to love in such a way that we are given such a gift. Cherish it love it spread that love and kindness everywhere! My husband saved many lives in his line of work but he didn’t let the evil suppress him he looked to God he asked him to bless his heart. My husband was at peace when he passed I was at peace. Because my love for my God and my husband will carry on. One small thing to take from my husband is love with your heart share your gift of love so others can live!

When the decision came about organ and tissue donation I didn’t hesitate Ben would want this he would want to give his life his love anything he had so others could live. He did that I will always be grateful and blessed that I had a chance to be married to such a man that changed my life and so many others for the better. We may have lost a hero a father,son,husband. But we gained a guardian angel a better look on life and we shared his gift. Now that is a blessing. I will love you to my last breath my love. You are a hero to many and your memory will live on.

You're loved so much and I miss you everyday. I love you till my last breath! L