A Decision to Save Lives

Becky Quistorff Swiggum

June 22, 1988 - May 16, 2021

Donor, Minnesota

A month ago, my beautiful 32 year old sister, Becky, was directly saving the lives of four others by gifting her lungs to a 62 year old man, she gifted her left kidney to a 73 year old, her right kidney to a 64 year old and her liver to a 65 year old man. She made the selfless decision to be an organ donor many years ago and was able to fulfill that promise through her own passing. The decision she made at 16 years old when she checked that box on her driver’s license, really tells us all who she was in her heart. She was a life-saver: in life and in death.

Becky was a life-saver.

Becky gravitated towards people who needed saving. People that needed extra love, support, or direction. Becky loved the underdog. She loved so hard and passionately that it was difficult for her to let people walk out of her life at times. As her sister and family, we are now the ones that find it difficult to accept that she had to walk out of our lives into Heaven. We are mourning our great loss but we know that Becky is watching over us all especially her son, Jameson.

Becky had many achievements in her short 32 years of life. One of her proudest was being Jameson’s mom. She loved him more than anything else in this world and he is what gave her life purpose. Knowing my sister, I also believe she would say that her other greatest achievement was giving the gift of life and hope to these other four individuals. She would be so proud to have given husbands more time with their spouses, dads more times with their children, sons more time with their parents, and brothers more time with their siblings. Selfishly for us, we wish we had more time with our beautiful wife, mother, daughter, and sister. We will never stop missing her show-stopping smile, big brown eyes, and infectious laugh. But we continually find peace knowing that Becky lives on through her recipients, in our memories, and in her son.

We are so proud of you Becks. With all of our love, your little sister.