Loving Memory of Amanda

Amanda Hagen

November 4, 1983 - July 17, 2017

Donor, South Dakota

I am so thankful for having Amanda in my life for 33 years, I know some parents don’t get that much time. I only wish that her girls would have had more time with there mom. Amanda had a huge heart, always wanted to help others even strangers. Amanda meant the world to us, she had a disability, epilepsy so we had some trying moments, I am thankful that now she will have no more seizures and no more medicines.

Amanda loved her two beautiful girls, Payton and Tatum they were her pride and joy. Amanda also loved summers, and loved Music

Amanda loved family gatherings, holidays and she truly loved summers, the hotter the better. Amanda loved giving her girls rides on her 4 wheeler, watching her girls play and also watching them play softball and tee ball! Amanda also loved listening to music.

I miss her voice, her phone calls, her smile, her questions, her ideas, her crazy things she would say, her laugh, I miss everything about her. I feel empty but I know Amanda is my hero and is still helping others. I also know she is watching over all of us. Miss and Love my girl so much! Thanks Amanda for the precious memories we have all 33 years worth.

Warm regards with love from family of Amanda
Terry, Tina, Payton & Tat