In Celebration of Lexi

Alexis Kretsch

December 4, 1998 - July 10, 2015

Donor, Minnesota

Lexi also known as Smiley, lived and loved life to its fullest. She was raised by me, a single mom since she was one years old. We were more than mother/daughter, more than best friends, our hearts and souls were connected. Lexi was known for always smiling and laughing, both were so contagious. She was always helping the underdogs, those less fortunate. Lexi’s love and passion was softball. As a 10th grader she was being highly scouted for many D-1 schools for her softball playing and amazing pitching. She was so dedicated, determined and focused on everything she did. She wanted to become a pediatric nurse to help and work with children and hopefully save and make their lives better.

Lexi was so dedicated and compassionate about softball it wasn't just a game it was life lessons that attributed to her wonderful character

Even though Lexi played sports everyday and weekend, her family was #1 – she loved to be with me, we’d go to ValleyFair all the time together, preferred old mom over friends. Her grandma and grandpa were so very, very important to her.

Lexi had amazing grades at school and just finished her sophomore year and then the tragic car accident occurred where she was t-boned by an inattentive driver. Lexi was instantly an angel and suffered massive trauma. In the hours of terror at the hospital we were approached by Life Source about donating Lexi’s organs. As much as the whole situation hurt, we knew Lexi would want to help people and save lives. Her liver and 2 heart valves were donated.

Lexi lives on in our hearts and in heaven every day and also in the lives of the people that received her special organs from such a beautiful, wonderful athletic young woman.

Lexi is the love of my life, always was, always is and always will be.

With love, pride, sadness and sorrow, Lexi's loving mom Jen and family.