In Celebration of Lexi

Alexis Kretsch

December 4, 1998 - July 10, 2015

Donor, Minnesota

Lexi also known as Smiley was tragically taken from us in a car accident involving an inattentive driver. She leaves a huge emptiness in the hearts of all of us who loved her. She leaves behind her mom who raised her on her own since she was a baby. Lexi loved her mom immensely, they shared a bond that only a single mom and daughter could have, they went everywhere and did everything together. Family was everything to Lexi, she loved her grandma Linda and grandpa Jim. She was very protective and patient with her grandpa who had Alzheimer’s. Lexi and her grandma loved to do fun things together.

Lexi's was so determined and compassionate about everything she did and she knew a Smile always helped her succeed.

Lexi loved and lived life to its fullest with a larger than life Smile and contagious laughter. She was energetic, compassionate, giggly, witty, adventurous and a phenomenal fastpitch softball pitcher and player. Girls wanted to play on a team with Lexi, not the team playing against her. Lexi put countless hours into practicing pitching and training, rarely having a night or weekend off from softball. She had many D-1 schools on her radar as a sophomore. Although she was a tough and gritty softball player, she had fun and learned many life lessons from the game. Her mom would always tell her to Smile, it makes her play better and harder, so she did. She had Smile written on her glove and would write Smile on her wrist, not as a reminder she didn’t need that, but as her inspiration.

Lexi’s goal was to become a pediatric nurse and make a difference in the lives of children one Smile at a time. Her dream was cut short, but Lexi gave Shelby Kostelac the most selfless gift anyone could ever give, she gave him the gift of life. During the most horrific day in Lexi’s moms life, she was told Lexi didn’t survive her injuries and asked her if she would be willing to donate Lexi’s liver. Lexi’s mom knew Lexi would want her to say yes. Lexi saved Shelby’s life, his daughters still have a dad, his wife a husband and his parents a son.

Lexi’s is a hero, her legacy carries on in many ways.

Lexi’s softball Club, MN Vortex changed their tournament name to the Lexi Kretsch Summer Showdown to carry on her goal of making a difference in lives of others. The tournament tells her story, gives out scholarships and collects toys to donate to children in her memory. The tournament in existence for 7 years has over 100 teams competing in it.

When you see the word Smile, think of Lexi and all the lives she’s made a difference in. The last time Lexi and her mom spoke to each other before the accident their last words to each other were “I love you Lexi”, and “I love you momma”. Make sure you treat each other with compassion and love as if it were the last time you’ll see or talk to them.

Lexi lives on in our hearts and is still helping and influencing others one Smile at a time.

Lexi is the love of my life, always was, always is and always will be, I will see you again Lexi xoxo Mom.

Love you Smiley, forever and always. xoxox Momma