Loving Husband and Father

Albert Landa

July 7, 1965 - November 2, 2010

Donor, Minnesota

My life story as well as my daughter’s did a complete 360 on November 2, 2010. My husband of 16 years passed away suddenly. Though through it all my, relationship with God, family & friends has seen us through it. I remember only a couple hours after finding out that Al had passed away I received a phone call from LifeSource about donating Al’s organ’s. Though I was numb and it was incredibly difficult to answer so many questions I knew it’s what I needed to do. I thought I understood the importance of donating organs etc. but it wasn’t until months after Al passed away that I truly understood. I’ve received a few letters from recipients who were helped from Al’s donation. I was told that because of Al being a donor he helped 66 people. To hear just some of those stories of people that were helped from his donation has greatly helped me in the grieving process. I can’t express enough the importance of being an organ donor. Though we will always miss him, he is always in our hearts and memories forever. Thankful for the time we had with him and because he had a relationship with God as I do I will see him again one day in Heaven.

His love for college football and his Michigan State Spartan's brought him great joy!

We love you and miss you! Till we meet again! Kathie & Katelyn